About Blaine the Mono

Blaine the Mono is: 

Randi Stickles - Vocals

Eric Joseph - Guitar/Backup Vocals

Chris Culverwell - Bass/Backup Vocals

Clifton Garner - Drums


Blaine the Mono is a female fronted Alternative/Rock foursome from Orlando, Florida. Each member brings with them a diverse range of influences that results in a beautiful and aggressive alternative/rock sound in the same vain as Arctic Monkeys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Foo Fighters, Deftones, and Halestorm. The band released there much anticipated new album titled Jellyfish on March 3rd, 2015. "This release showcases what the band has become and where they are going. It's full of relatable soft moments, contrasted by heartfelt rage." Their first 7 track EP, Vices In Verses released in December of 2012 and received glowing reviews that praise "Randi's impressive vocal range, powerful screams, and catchy lyrical style. The instrumentation is laden with upbeat hooks, interesting refrains, powerful breakdowns, and trippy guitar solos. It’s surprising that all that sound came from a four piece!"  Their debut two song 2011 release, One Rail, Two Tracks broke them into the scene with one of the band's most popular songs to date, Tranformer. Blaine the Mono has toured much of the south and east coast and played in many popular annual festivals including WJRR's Earthday Birthday 2013-2014, Florida Music Festival 2011-2015, Red Gorilla Festival SXSW 2014, and has supported popular national acts such as the Offspring, Islander, Papa Roach, Nonpoint, Stone Sour, Supervillians, and the Dirty Heads.

Founded in 2011

Contact:  blainethemonomusic@gmail.com


Blaine the Mono Releases

Jellyfish - 2015

1 - Capsize

2 - Jellyfish

3 - Get Me Right

4 - Your Ghost

5 - The Slip

6 - Tides

7 - Blue

Vices In Verses - 2012

1 - Missing

2 - Raise This Glass

3 - ABS

4 - When I'm Yours

5 - Svine Munich

6 - Circles

7 - Out of Sight

One Rail, Two Tracks - 2011

1 - Cover Me

2 - Transformer


Blaine the Mono Gear

Blaine uses Shure, Yamaha, Mackie, and Galaxy pro audio gear. 

Randi uses Shure Microphones and TC Helicon vocal pedals. 

Eric plays Fender and Schecter Guitars, Marshall and Wang Amps, and Zoom Pedals.

Chris plays Fender Bass Guitars, Ampeg Amps, and Zoom, Crybaby, and Big Muff Pedals.

Clif plays Crush drums, Sabian cymbals, Pearl pedals, DW hardware, and Promark sticks.


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